Mercedes GLE Coupe “Inferno”, the new TOPCAR

The coach known TOPCAR has unveiled its new adjustment program for the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. Under the name of "Inferno", we have a package of improvements that adds a number of changes both aesthetic and mechanical level with different kits empowerment.

Mercedes GLE Coupe prepared by TOPCAR

Mercedes GLE Coupe Inferno, the new TOPCAR.

Boys TOPCAR They have unveiled their latest SUV on one of the line's current job market coupe. The new Mercedes GLE Coupe. Under the name of "Inferno", we have a enhancement package very complete with the known trainer is able to give a more sinister and sports to said GLE Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz image.

A package of improvements that touches all sections, from aesthetics to mechanics. Although better go to parties. First and glancing outside, we find a body kit composed among other things for a extended fenders, side skirts more robust a more muscular hood design or a more aggressive bumper left in sight air intakes larger.

If we look at the back zone, jump to view the new diffuser "massive" dimensions as well as a redesigned bumper which is positioned in line with the front. This body kit has a starting price of 17,000 euros and can be complemented with a ultralight forged wheels 21 or 23 inches. By the way, all elements of body kit have been made in carbon fiber.

TOPCAR Mercedes GLE Coupe Inferno

TOPCAR presents its package of improvements "Inferno" Mercedes GLE Coupe for.

Optionally (and for an additional fee) customers can customize the interior of the Mercedes GLE Coupe to taste. We talked about a number of well-upholstered with varied patterns, details and even carbon fiber inserts in 24K gold. Quite a luxurious atmosphere, personalization and exclusivity.

Turning to the mechanical section and as we have said at the beginning of the article, TOPCAR offers a range of enhancement kits for different engines that are in the range of Mercedes GLE Coupe. In the case of GLE 450, we spoke 87 hp and 123 Nm while for GLE 63 remains in the 125 hp and 149 Nm while the GLE 63 S Coupe 131 hp and 159 sheds Nm of torque respectively.