The 2017 Mercedes CLA rears its first restyling

Again we perceive the older brother of Class A taking a walk with his new face. The Mercedes CLA will suffer a slight restyling and here we see the first signs of it, although it will not arrive until the middle of next year.

Mercedes continues to improve and evolve the design of their cars. These sooner that take are teaching the new design philosophy. One of the following to do so will be the Mercedes CLA 2017 we see in pictures. This is really the first time we see him with what will be his final appearance.

CLA has been caught taking a walk near the Mercedes factory

Recently we saw as the ranchera version, the CLA Shooting Brake also began to reveal for the first time with his new look. In that case, as the now, the changes were minimal. It has to be said that We are facing a facelift or restyling rather than before a generational change.

As happened recently with the new Class A Mercedes continues outlining that line and that design both liked in all markets. In the CLA we see as most of the changes will be allocated to front, where the bumper changes slightly as the headlights, which change design and technology, can count on LED systems.

The rest of the body hardly changed, and we must leave behind to find more changes. This part will be once again the headlights that have a new silhouette, with a more angular shape the current and better integrated into the overall design. At the moment these are the only changes that can be seen with the naked eye.

The rear light will change its design as their form

On the inside not big surprises in design and functionality they are expected. Where it can be expected changes in technology is on board, where the latest Mercedes will be included, including security enhancements active and passive as well as improvements to the Infotainment system.

Finally the mechanical and dynamic part. Changes in the Class A shall apply to new CLA and CLA Shooting Brake. The engines will not vary too much, though itself will become more efficient, less fuel consumption and emissions. It is assumed that the most powerful version of the CLA 45 AMG all 2016 also receives extra power with which already has its little brother, reaching 381 horsepower.

Like we have already said the new Mercedes CLA will not see the light until next year, although for commercial start and it will be listed as model 2017. Before he sees the light should do other colleagues of the brand who have not yet received cosmetic changes, such as the Mercedes E Class 2016.

Body changes should be accompanied by more technology and more efficient engines

Credits Images: Baldauf / Romero