Nissan Canto, a special alert sound for electric cars

It is called Canto and is a new audio technology that aims to increase pedestrian safety living with electric cars, varying the tone depending on driving conditions and only noticeable in urban areas.

The new Nissan may be the first model of the new era of smart mobility Nissan have sound Canto

Imagine that you are walking through the historic center of a city, a street where sidewalks are too narrow or lacking them and go on the road, but an electric car approaches and do not hear. Only your driver horn alerts you so you asides.

It is actually that you could not hear the sound of your engine because it is electric, perhaps a faint sound. That same feeling began to spread passersby when the first electric cars began to arrive in our streets, especially as taxis, which were not visible and could cause accidents and abuses.

To prevent pedestrians, Nissan has introduced a modular sound technology will be implanted in their electric models gradually and you called "Singing", a detail that has been overlooked and that passing was supposed enough with the faint sound generated by the electric motor itself but Nissan believes it is important in smart mobility, and we hope to hear in the new Niisan Leaf.

The sound of an electric car is vital in coexistence with pedestrians

Unveiled at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, "Singing" will be a distinctive, refreshing sound and safe, says Nissan, with particular emphasis on that It will be perfectly perceptible by pedestrians, residents and passengers in urban areas.

The new sound will be able to vary the pitch depending on driving conditions, for example, when accelerating or decelerating in engine braking or braking even in reverse maneuvers activated at speeds up to 20 to 30 km / h, according to market requirements.