Nissan Leaf: 60 kWh battery and 362 kms of autonomy EPA in 2018

In the words of vice president of global sales and marketing for Nissan, Daniele Schillaci, the new Leaf will debut a premium battery 60 kWh in 2018, which will allow a range exceeding 362 kilometers in EPA cycle, which would allow equated its main rivals.

New Nissan Leaf 2018.

Just a few days took place in Japan the international launch of the second generation of electric model of the Japanese house, the new Nissan Leaf 2018. This new generation is a great leap forward compared to the previous model, the first generation of Leaf, which has just taken some technical aspects, because both models glance, seem not to be related.

One of the features of the newly introduced Leaf is that at least initially find an option only available battery. This has 40 kWh and allows a autonomy of 241 kms in US EPA cycle (Most restrictive), which is insufficient against their new rivals like the Chevrolet Bolt or Tesla Model 3. However, at the launch event itself responsible for the brand warned that this would not be the only battery option since premiering next year a new alternative for greater capacity and therefore greater autonomy, but they did not reveal its specifications at any time.

According to a recent tweet journalist Forbes Bertel Schmitt, citing as its source Daniele Schillaci, vice president of sales and global marketing of the Japanese, that option will 60 kWh, as we all expected, which will allow the Leaf to reach a more than 225 miles autonomy as the EPA cycle, which is equivalent to 362 kilometers.

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This new version of Leaf will arrive in 2018 and allow the Japanese compact fight directly with the strongest models in this regard, the aforementioned Bolt and Model 3, They have 383 and 354 kms respectively autonomy, in the case of Tesla, in its standard version, which will feature a 50 kWh battery.

By the words of Schmitt, referring to more than 225 miles range (362 kms) understand that the exact figure of autonomy of the new Leaf 60 kWh We not know until a few months, according to the presentation version of this approach, but we can not assure you the more, probably close to 383 kms of Bolt EV.

At the moment, we have no market price for our New Leaf and autonomy according to the NEDC cycle and the new cycle Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures New Leaf 60 kWh, which They will vary with respect to the figures as EPA cycle, especially with the old NEDC, far less realistic than the EPA. So we can not speculate the price difference will the new Leaf 60 kWh in Europe, at least for now.