The Porsche 718 GTS Cayman last development in Nürburgring

The new Porsche Cayman GTS 718 is now completing its development. We have returned to hunt one of these test units on the German track doing what must be the latest dynamic tests of the new sportier version of the range.

New Porsche 718 Cayman GTS.

The Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 is already on its last legs, so it is clear that the Stuttgart brand wanted to book this date for the debut of the third generation of the Cayenne, so it will take more to discover the new Cayman GTS 718.

This is not the first time we met with one of the test drives the new Porsche 718 GTS Cayman exposed. German engineers have long been developing brand which will sportier and radical version of the coupe range Porsche 718, which will be felt in the appearance of the model with a configuration more aggressive bumper and frame.

This release deal the highest since the current range of 718 Cayman. At first glance we can see how will feature more aggressive bumpers, that the signing of Stuttgart is no longer bother to hide and so we can see, are identical to those available with the Sport Design package. Although our informants have revealed that they will look somewhat different from those found in this optional package, and probably count on a different finish in plastics forming air intakes, in black gloss.

Testando at the Nurburgring.

In addition to the bumpers are a new set of wheels new configuration exhaust, whose sound photographers described as high and more powerful than the current Cayman S. Hopefully Porsche has also changed by the scheme suspension of this version, with a spring assembly and damper stiffer. Mechanically we can expect a power increase encryption between 25 and 30 horses with respect to the Cayman S derived.

These images were taken at the Nurburgring, which shows that the model is facing the last stage of tests, which together with its lack of camouflage it makes us think that this development is already nearing completion. So we should not take too long to see his official presentation.

Regarding the possible dates of filing and commercial launch We can only point out that it will be soon, later than in the early stages of next year, but for now, the brand has not been revealed or confirmed anything yet.

Photos: SB-Medien