Bugatti Chiron: consumption revealed the impressive sports 1,500 hp

  • The Bugatti Chiron is not only a beast to devour asphalt, also devours fuel, and at a pace incredibly high.
  • Thanks to the approval of the US EPA can know the consumption figures of Chiron, which improve only in some measures its predecessor.

Bugatti Chiron.

One of the data we did not know so far of the new Bugatti Chiron were its homologated consumption figures. An anecdotal detail for a model of this draft, and its owners more concerned in terms of the timeframe available before moving again for the service station that purely economic issue of fuel costs.

With a 16 cylinder engine and 8.0 liters delivering horses 1500 we can not expect a fuel consumption figures too efficient, but the Chiron, like its predecessor, is otherworldly. Like everything surrounding these models.

Interestingly, although its engine delivers much more power than its predecessor, 1,001 hp Veyron 16.4, the Chiron improves some of its measures, such as average consumption. According to the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), from which we have known this information, the average consumption of Chiron slightly improves the Veyron, from 10 miles per gallon or 23.52 liters / 100 kms and 11 mpg or 21.38 liters / 100 kms, which is an improvement of no less than 2.14 liters / 100 kms. Although this improvement, which could be spectacular for any vehicle, is small potatoes compared with the consumption of these models, as an improvement estimated at less than 10 percent.

The new Chiron is slightly more efficient than the old Veyron.

But the fact is that with an increase in power as brutal as that of Chiron, encryption fifty percent, It is not bad to have achieved consumption down, even if it was only slightly. That does not mean that the new model is much more efficient in all measures, because as we can see in the table, some of its figures worsen slightly the Veyron.

Bugatti Chiron VeyronBugatti consumption *
Medium23.52 liters / 10021.38 liters / 100
Freeway15.68 liters / 10016.80 liters / 100
City29.40 liters / 10026.13 liters / 100

* Consumption approved according to EPA cycle

In the case of urban consumption, Chiron also manages to slightly improve to Chiron, passing a spectacularly high 29.4 liters / 100 kms to 26.13 liters of Chiron / 100 kms, no less than 27.03 liters least improved slightly above 10 percent relative to its predecessor. Although it is clear that the real improvement of Chiron is the performance, but for the moment We can not talk about exact figures, because they do not yet know what the maximum speed of the model.