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Outdoor YouTubers are often seen filming their point-of-view videos using GoPro camera in its classic fisheye lens. But not all people know that not all video content on Youtube was made by the company GoPro but by their avid users.


What did GoPro do to popularized their camera?


They encouraged their avid users to take amazing footage of their outdoor adventures and post them online crediting GoPro for the amazing footages. GoPro then used these videos to showcase their product and to attract film making enthusiasts in using them so that they can also make amazing footages like the other GoPro users.


This movement spread across the world which made GoPro product line the most sought after video camera of outdoor people up until now.


By this example, we could say that the first step in creating your digital marketing strategy is to know and define your customer. In the marketing world, the term to this is buying personas.


Digital marketers use qualitative and quantitative information about the target audience to come up with the most effective marketing strategies. Let us go back to the GoPro movement. The company knew that in order from their product to reach their desired target audience, they have to tap the amateur and hobbyist YouTubers, vloggers, and filmmakers.


They studied their age bracket, interests, occupation, and location. Clearly, the company fished out audiences who are into amateur filming and are eager to have a professional looking film, which is what the GoPro can provide them.


By knowing their target audience, they were able to swim their way to other filmmakers without having a sweat. Words reached out people, and soon enough almost all who have a Youtube channel of their own owns a GoPro camera.


Without defining your target audience, you are like working in a clouded area. Set the table first, discuss who you want to reach out and everything will follow.