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Every post, whether it’s a video on Youtube or a photo on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, a text post or whatever the post may be, it’s helping to drive engagement from the viewers. From a business perspective, those viewers can become or may already be customers.

Below, we’ve gathered new social media platforms that you can consider for marketing and branding campaign;


It’s a new social media platform start up from a small team out of the UK. This platform allows you to add a bunch of links that you want to send to your target recipients. It creates one link that has all the resources or posts you want to share in one easily digestible page. When you sign up, you will get your very own Wakelet page and a centralized hub for all of your content as well as keep up and follow other users and see everything in a feed just like you’re used to.


It’s a new social media app with features that are like Facebook and Instagram put together but allows you to share more. You can drop comments and always like by double tapping the photo as you normally do. Like IG, you can also add a caption, hashtags and pick a ‘plus’ option to add your content such as link, music, movie, place, photo and book. What makes it very unique is the way you can filter people through your feed.


It’s a blockchain based rewards social media platform for publishers to monetize content and grow community. Basically, you are getting paid for your social media uploads and social media content. Like Youtube and Facebook, you can upload videos and photos and the more Upvotes you get, the more you get paid. Not only do the content creators get paid, but also the people who do the upvoting. It pays to hold on to your steem because it’s maturing in your wallet.